New Construction


How to Choose a Builder You Can Trust

Having a new home built from the ground up is undoubtedly an exciting project and, with careful planning and research, promises to be a lucrative investment in the end. The most important decision in this process is also the very first one: choosing a builder. After all, choosing the best builder on the market will ensure that you end up with the best home on the market.  Remember, this is someone you will be required to work with closely for an extended period of time — usually for several months during the construction phase alone. Not to mention the warranty period. Look for a builder who will be a true partner to you.

An absolute prerequisite for any builder worthy of your consideration is experience. While we don’t deny that plenty of new builders would get the job done once given the opportunity, it is important to keep in mind that seasoned builders, who have already established a reputation and succeeded in the industry, have done so for a reason.  When seeking referrals, the most logical people to turn to are the ones you know and trust: friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues. Or, talk to homeowners in subdivisions you’d like to build in to learn about their history with the builder in question. Essentially, you are conducting an interview to find the most qualified candidate for the job, so be prepared to do a full background check. Check the builder’s credentials, awards and recognitions, as well as affiliations with industry associations.

Also, ask the builder for references. Clients who have already been through the home building process with this particular builder can attest to their strengths and weaknesses. Many of these references will even let you inspect their homes, which will allow you to get a first-hand look at the quality and craftsmanship the builder offers.