Homes For Sale in Chesterfield, MO 63005

Chesterfield is located just about 25 minutes west of downtown St. Louis, along the Interstate 64/U.S. Highway 40 corridor. The city was formed in 1988 by citizens who cared deeply about the area and about the quality of life in the area. They have peaceful residential neighborhoods, bustling shopping areas, beautifully designed business establishments, and well laid out parks and pathways. Their citizens have such a history of being involved in helping the city that we are known as the “City of Volunteers.”

More than 47,000 people call Chesterfield home. The City is a wonderful blend of attractive homes, excellent senior living facilities, top-rated school districts, houses of worship, unlimited shopping and dining destinations, along with historic and cultural attractions.

Chesterfield residents enjoy a quality of life that is unique in that everything you need is right here in Chesterfield. This includes two top-rated public school districts, a Top-50 rated hospital in St. Luke’s and other quality health-care providers, and unlimited shopping, dining and recreational activities.

It is a community that has benefited from amazing foresight, imagination, commitment and collaboration of people who live and work here. Incorporated only in 1988, it is a new city with a rich history. It’s an example of what can happen when residents, civic and business leaders work toward a shared vision to create an outstanding community in which to live, work, and play.

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47,484 – 2010 Census
46,802 – 2000 Census

Median Household Income
(2006-2008 Census American Community Survey)

Median Home Sale Price
Chesterfield 63005 $484,500*
Chesterfield 63017 $285,000*
(12 Months Preceding 3rd Quarter 2010)