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Cottleville is a city in St. Charles County, Missouri, United States. The population was 3,227 at the 2009 census estimate. As one of the oldest towns in St. Charles County, Cottleville has been working to preserve and enhance its historic downtown district which is home to boutique shops and restaurants, a U.S. Post Office, Cottleville City Hall and 37-acre Legacy Park. The City completed a master plan for the area in recent years and launched a $1.2 million Street Scape project in 2011 to add 120 parking spots, lighting and sidewalks to the historic downtown. The goal is for Old Town Cottleville to retain the best of its past and be a distinctive center for the community.

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 Characteristic  Amount  Source, Date
 Square Miles  4.5  Cottleville, 2012
 Street Miles  63  Cottleville, 2012
 Estimated Elevation  495  Cottleville, 2012
 Projected Housing Units  1,020  Census, 2010
 Estimated Population  3,075  Census, 2010
 Population Growth Since 2000 Census  67.5%  City-Data, 2009
 Median Age  38.2  Census, 2010
 Median Household Income  $89,320  City-Data, 2009
 Per Capita Income  $33,394  City-Data, 2009