The Listing Agents at the Kelly Hager Group work closely with clients seeking to sell their homes.  We pride ourselves in a quality team comprised of goal oriented and compassionate agents who have the clients best interest at heart.

**Listing Agents are required to be licensed real estate agents.  If you are interested in a career in real estate, The Kelly Hager Group has the tools and resources to get you licensed.

Goals of the Listing Agent:

  • Getting sellers top dollar
  • Handling all the paperwork
  • Show sellers the ins and outs of the market

Every home has a maximum potential value determined by the market. That is the price a home ideally should sell for. The job of the listing agent is to get as close to the maximum potential value as possible. Everything the listing agent does correctly will get the seller closer to that amount.

Agents affect the maximum potential value through:

Proper pricing. If the price is too low, money is being left on the table. Too high, and sellers may get stuck holding on to the home and discounting it later.  An agent who prices the home right is doing the job right.

House presentation. The way the home is staged, the listing description, the photos of the home, all communicate and highlight the features of the home. If done correctly, they support the value.

Communication. Communication includes making the listing appeal to the largest audience possible and reaching that audience.

Negotiation. An effective negotiator can boost the price.  It’s more than just making the sale and getting the commission.

Contract issues. Be well versed with contract issues and know how to protect a clients best interests.

Managing the transaction until closing.  Agents have an endless list of items to manage before the closing.  Must have the ability to deal with those issues and understand the financial impacts for the seller.


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